Example of an Essay on Job Search: Satisfactory Job Improves Your Life

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Many young people are dissatisfied with their present job and want to change it as quickly as it is possible. Some of them fulfil this desire and are happy at a new workplace. Unfortunately, others are afraid of this and continue suffering from poor working conditions or low salary. That is why these people cannot live a full life and spend their days in boredom.

Of course, it sounds sad and none of students want to have such a fate. The majority dream about fine and well-paid job with pleasant co-workers and a kind boss. However, not all these wishes may come true. A young person has to dedicate his or her time and efforts to get job satisfaction. Why is it so important? It is a pity but many teenagers who have heard about this thing do not know the reasons why it plays such a great role in human life. The points below can perfectly illustrate the significance of job satisfaction and encourage you to reach it.

Improve Productivity

First of all, job satisfaction is essential to improve employee’s productivity. It is almost impossible to work effectively in case a person does not get any pleasure from the things he or she does. True interest is the best encouragement for everyone who wants to complete a certain task. It may be very difficult to work an engineering company if you like to draw pictures or sing songs during your free time. Thus, in case you are not amazed at all these math schemes and formulas and want to do something creative, it will be almost impossible for you to be productive at work. On the other hand, when a person gets a real pleasure from the tasks at the company, he or she will be able to cope with them in a much quicker and better way.

Develop Yourself

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Job satisfaction gives you an opportunity to develop your personality and acquire some good qualities, for example, responsibility, patience or diligence. These features are highly estimated everywhere. How does it work? When a person is glad to do something, he or she is also encouraged to become better in a moral and physical sense. Such kind of motivation helps workers to do self-education activities and develop their individual features. For managers, these may be leadership qualities, patience and so on. Without being satisfied with their work and getting pleasure from cooperating with people and building a good team, they will not be able to reach any success in self-development as well.

Get Incentives

Keep in mind: job satisfaction means that you can work more effectively and productively. That is why you can even get a promotion or increment. Moreover, your diligence may help you to get some specific wages and be appreciated by your boss. Often employees claim that they do not receive enough payment to live a full life and that their bosses are greedy. However, the problem is usually in the quality of their own work.

Life Happy Life

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Job satisfaction influences all spheres of your life. It is very beneficial for improvement of your position at work and getting a promotion, for example. Nevertheless, it has a great impact on your private life as well. You will feel motivated to reach your goals and become a better person. Remember that it is impossible to be happy and live a full life in case you have to go to a hated office and do boring tasks. It will make your routine awful and result in a stress or even depression. It is proved by the research that many young people suffer from these mental disorders because of dissatisfaction with their workplace.

To sum up, it is very important to be satisfied with your job. It indicates the quality of your life. There are people who hate the things they do every day and suffer from their routines. It seems to them that there is no way out.

However, it is always possible to change things for the better and find a new workplace, which will bring you pleasure and happiness. Do not dedicate your life to boredom. On the other hand, a person sometimes cannot get pleasure from hos or her work simply because of the wrong attitude. Keep in mind that a job indicates your lifestyle and targets. That is why you should be responsible and think well before making a decision. We hope that you will be satisfied with your future workplace and never suffer from any difficulties.

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