How NOT to Make the Choice & Many Other Bizarre Tips and Tricks

Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

Hi everyone and thank you for being here at the moment! Hope you are ready to learn some pieces of good news. Great!

And what about some really serious things, like your college thesis or career? Do you feel courageous enough to face some issues that have been bothering you for months? And to find workable solutions for them, of course? That is what we are going to do here as well, so you’d better think twice before you move on.

If you still want to continue, then you are welcome to scroll down the page so you can get a better idea of what on earth you are actually going to find here and who is the author of its.

Contents: Or What You Can Start Preparing Your Consciousness For

We are going to talk about quite obvious things which, for some reasons, are hidden in the shadows of either standards and stereotypes or too showy headlines of posts about happiness and motivation.

Have you ever wondered why there are so few people who can properly explain quantum theory to you, and why there are so many pros who are ready to tell you what you should do to live a fulfilling life? That looks strange.

So, we are going to make it all out together! Let’s explore real-life things and face present-day truths, without extra philosophizing. Get ready to learn things you could hardly imagine before this day!

  • How the career ladder is built

You have definitely come across the stories of those seemingly successful guys who claim to have found the jobs of their dreams. Yes, the stories of those who are traveling the world and making money while you are reading their blogs. Don’t you wish you were one of them?

However, is it worth being one of them and forgetting about who you are in this reality? We are going to answer this question and approach the entire issue of career and success from a rather non-standard point of view. Just follow the updates and find out more!

  • The other side of education

Are you sure you so perfectly know what education is aimed at? The knowledge is not just updating constantly. It is changing so fast that even the World Wide Web cannot catch up with all novelties, not to mention the world’s most advanced schools, colleges and universities.

Keep one step ahead of your course program! Learn more about essays and exams, your professors and disciplines, research opportunities and overseas scholarships, and the like.

  • Laws and mysteries of our relationships with our own kind

Do you want to persuade your second half to hike the Rocky Mountains, because you just cannot stand lying on the sofa doing nothing? Do you want to prove your boss that your project is really worth his or her attention?

It is all about the tips and tricks of communication, which you can discover in this blog! Become a true artist of conversation and get what you want without offending your interlocutor.

  • Historical jokes and scientific discoveries

Both history and science can be much more exciting than you expect. There is no place for shabby facts and dates here! You are going to learn amazing and incredible things, which can even do a 180 degree turn on your views and attitudes.

  • Prospects for tomorrow, near and far future

Well, we are not going to predict the future. That would be too self-assertively. However, we can analyze the current state of matters, considering probability theory, and make some conclusions. Come on, why not?

Robot and Flower

Why I Undertook This All: My Story in Brief

If you once had a groupmate who wanted to become a writer and kept telling everyone about it, then you can imagine me easily. This blog is my effort to dig deeper into the spheres which interest me most and share the treasure I will find with you.

We must approach critically everything that is taught, told, offered or sold to us. We must read between the lines and see through the walls. So, this is what this blog is going to help you with!

Where Do the Ideas Come From?

Actually, you can start blogging from everything that is really interesting to you, that you want to understand better. The basis of this blog consists of my personal discoveries, my friends’ queries, and some absolutely spontaneous ideas.

P.S. Stay Updated

And keep striving to learn new things, get new experience and meet new people! Wish you good luck!